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Irkutsk School # 75 Observes Global Youth Service Day By Organizing Health Day


Rope lugging

On April 24, 2003 Irkutsk school # 75 organized an athletic event called “Health Day,” which was held to observe Global Youth Service Day.

Sports competitions were organized in order to help children spend their free time actively, and to attract children to physical training and sports.

The main aims of this athletic event were the following:

  • To promote healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren,
  • To improve after-school athletic activities,
  • To draw schoolchildren away from negative behavior,
  • To educate children to be patriotic.

Three hundred forty-four students from fifth to eighth grades took part in this event. The following games and sports were included into the schedule of competitions:

  1. Rope lugging
  2. Obstacle course - balance beam (1.5 meters high), maze, jump, run in gas-mask, “victim” transportation
  3. Relay-race

It was a very emotional and fun Day. The winners were awarded diplomas and tasty prizes.

No traumas or accidents were registered.

N. Prelovskaya
V. Kazantseva

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