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«Palm Sunday»


Lots of fun

On April 20, 2003 in Irkutsk students of colleges of music, art, theater, and culture, who live in the dormitory or so called Social Center, conducted a colorful event called “Palm Sunday,” which brought more than one hundred participants and eight leaders together in this merry holiday.

What was the aim of this event?

  1. To help students spend their free time on the weekend.
  2. To get students involved in outdoor activities. Most students have no time and, often, money for recreational activities. That is why it is important to organize outdoor sports events.
  3. To give students an opportunity to express themselves as community leaders. Students who live in the Social Center prepare such events all by themselves and, thus, provide sport activities for their peers who live with them in the Center.
  4. To get students better acquainted with Russian traditions and folklore.

This event was based on the Russian tradition of celebrating Palm Sunday. It needs to be mentioned that authors used old Russian ceremonial poetry to compose the script of this event. This poetry was born in ancient times and it is the history of a nation that people pass from generation to generation with their wisdom, philosophy and ethics. That is why Russian folklore is so important for modern youth.

Six games were held during this party, which involved all participants. All the leaders were in colorful national costumes.

Thanks to colorfulness of the event, to the dynamic and emotional texts, and to the audience’s involvement, the Palm Sunday became an interesting and exciting event. A lot of students took part in games. Students were glad that they spent their free time participating in this holiday. Organizers and leaders received favorable comments.

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