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Healthy Lifestyle Ц Not Just a Slogan!



From April 7, 2003 there was an entire month devoted to healthy lifestyle in Irkutsk Educational Center #10. The opening of Healthy Lifestyle Month was timed with National Health Day and included two parts. The first part of the month was devoted to lectures, discussions, subject meetings, sports competitions, etc. The second part of the month was more creative. Children competed in composing of fairy tales, poems, fables, and crosswords. Fifteen creative pieces were entered into a competition, and the following five were among winners:

Eleventh-grade student Oksana Bronnikova, who wrote an inspiring poem, won first prize. Tenth-grade student Sveta Nyatina, who authored the fairy tale УMiraculous Sport,Ф won second prize. This fairy tale was also recognized for the fact that it has been put into practice - Sveta works with kindergarteners. Sveta shared second prize with ninth grader Anya Ignatieva, who authored УFairy Tale About Cockerel.Ф

Eleventh grader Masha Eremina, who composed a crossword puzzle entitled УHealth Lifestyle,Ф was awarded third prize. Third prize was also given to the entire eleventh grade for its joint project that included methodology of teaching the healthy lifestyle lesson, entitled УItТs better to be healthy and happy.Ф All eleventh graders worked on this project to achieve the desired result.

Two hundred sixty-seven students participated in the different events of Healthy Lifestyle Month, and they all proved to be the best. A healthy lifestyle is not just a slogan; it is a way of life of the majority of our students!

O. Kosmachevskaya, vice-principal.

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