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At the Open Access Center

Following their late 2002 return from the United States, the Irkutsk delegation that participated in Phase II of the Drug Enforcement and Prevention Program for Siberian Youth (DEPSY) committed to continuing the education that they started in Burlington, Vermont (November 30 Ц December 15, 2002). The group members have begun to explore the opportunities that new Internet technologies provide. New resources will help them not only maintain relationships with their colleagues and host families in Burlington, but also УwidenФ informational borders.

The delegation members study at the Open Access Center of Project HarmonyТs Internet Access and Training Program that is located in the Utkin Regional Youth Library. With the help of their instructor Irina Egorova, Open Access Center coordinator, DEPSY alumni learned about e-mail and the vast possibilities created by this form of communication. In addition to becoming familiar with how to use Internet resources, the DEPSY participants registered on the US State DepartmentТs Alumni site http://statexchange.state.gov/ designed especially for alumni to stay on top of news.

The delegation participants understand that this training is just the beginning of a difficult road they need to travel before they become Internet gurus. However, they believe that they will be surfing the Internet independently very soon.

The Drug Enforcement and Prevention Program for Siberian Youth (DEPSY) is funded by the US Department of StateТs Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. For more information about DEPSY, please visit: http://depsy.projectharmony.ru/programs/?group=8&lang=2

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