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NGO and Local Police Work Together Towards Healthier Life


Following the Regional Conference УPrevention of Negative Phenomena Among Siberian YouthФ that took place in Irkutsk in February 2003, the Chief Juvenile Inspector Zakharchuk recommended organizing special trainings for juvenile inspectors. Psychologists of the Center for Social and Psychological Assistance УDialogФ and Deputy Headof the juvenile inspection of the Kuibishev Region of the City of Irkutsk Senior Lt. Elena Taranyuk now conduct these trainings. Psychologists from the Center Ц Evgenia Chubchenko and Elena Khimukina Ц tell about different psychological methods of work with at-risk children, while Senior Lt. Taranyuk conducts trainings during which she talks about the laws and her experience of teaching the DOM (Children. Education. Police.) curriculum in Irkutsk schools. (DOM is an in-school drug and crime prevention curriculum that teaches children how to make healthy life decisions). Ten lessons for juvenile inspectors are scheduled. These sessions will help inspectors not only work with at-risk teenagers but also teach primary-prevention lessons at secondary schools.

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